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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Food Additive and Color Additive Petitions Under Review or Held in Abeyance

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May 30, 2024

The following table is a listing of food additive and color additive petitions filed by FDA's Office of Food Additive Safety (OFAS) that are either under active review or held in abeyance as of the date shown above. This list does not reflect petitions filed after that date, or any change in status for the listed petitions that has occurred after that date.

Abeyance is an administrative category of petitions that are filed but non-active because of deficiencies that were identified during FDA’s review. A petition remains in abeyance until either the petitioner provides OFAS with the required information, requests a final decision based on the data currently in the petition, or requests withdrawal of the petition. When the petitioner provides the information required to address all deficiencies, the petition may be refiled resulting in a new filing date.

More information about Food Additives and Petitions.

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Petition Type/Number
(sorted A-Z)
Status Petitioner Title
CAP 3C0323 under review Center for Science in the Public Interest, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, Center for Environmental Health, Center for Food Safety, Chef Ann Foundation, Children's Advocacy Institute, Consumer Federation of America, Consumer Reports, Defend Our Health, Environmental Defense Fund, Environmental Working Group, Feingold Association of the United States, Food & Water Watch, Healthy Babies Bright Futures, Life Time Foundation, Momsrising, Prevention Institute, Public Citizen, Public Health Institute, Public Interest Research Group, Real Food for Kids, Lisa Y. Lefferts, Linda S. Birnbaum, and Philip J. Landrigan Request To Revoke Color Additive Listing for Use of FD&C Red No. 3 in Food and Ingested Drugs
CAP 4C0326 under review Phytolon Ltd. To amend the color additive regulations in 21 CFR part 73 to provide for the safe use of beetroot red for the coloring of foods generally in amounts consistent with current good manufacturing practice.
FAP 1A4828 held in abeyance Monaghan Mushrooms Ireland Unlimited Company To amend the food additive regulations in 21 CFR 172.382 to provide for the safe use of vitamin D2 mushroom powder produced by exposing dried and powdered edible cultivars of Agaricus bisporus to ultraviolet light.
FAP 2A4833 under review Cargill, Inc. to amend the food additive regulations (21 CFR 173.356) Hydrogen peroxide, to provide for the safe use of hydrogen peroxide (CAS Reg. No. 7722-84-1) as an antimicrobial agent, oxidizing and reducing agent, and bleaching agent, and to remove sulfur dioxide.
FAP 2A4834 under review Kerry Ingredients and Flavours Ltd. To provide for the safe use of vitamin D3 as a nutrient supplement in powdered drink mixes added to water or carbonated water at levels not to exceed 180 international units per 360 milliliters (mL) as consumed, excluding drinks or drink mixes that are specially formulated or processed for infants (Refs. 1 and 2). If calcium is added, calcium is present at levels greater than or equal to 150 milligrams of calcium per 360 mL as consumed.
FAP 2M4741 held in abeyance Steris Corp Approved sources of gamma rays from sealed units of the radionuclides cobalt-60 or cesium-137 to reduce microorganisms on dietary supplements and nutritional function foods

Petition Type/Number
(sorted A-Z)
Status Petitioner Title