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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Inventory of Food Contact Substances Listed in 21 CFR

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Consult the regulation(s) cited below to see if your substance is authorized for your intended use.
CAS Reg. No. (or other ID)*: 977037-51-6
Food additive and GRAS regulations (21 CFR Parts 170-186): 175.105

* Definitions

  • CAS Reg. No. (or other ID): Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number® for the substance or a numerical code (other ID) assigned by CFSAN to those substances that do not have a CAS Registry Number (977nnn-nn-n series).
  • Substance: The name of the additive as recognized by CFSAN.
  • 21 CFR: The Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 is the preferred reference to determine the regulatory status of Indirect Food Additives. Substances whose names appear in 21 CFR, parts 175-178 are authorized for specified intended users and conditions of use as stated in the regulation. Note that substances may appear in more than one regulation, or several times in the same regulation.

Note that if a substance is mentioned in 21 CFR parts 175-178 and thus, is listed above, any other citations for the same substance in other sections of 21 CFR dealing with food additives (parts 1-199 inclusive) may also be cited.