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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

GRAS Notices

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GRN No. 742

Duckweed (subfamily Lemnoideae) powder

Intended Use: For use as an ingredient in at levels ranging from 1.0 to 24 grams per serving in baked goods and baking mixes, including all ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake products, flours, and mixes requiring preparation before serving; beverages and beverage bases, nonalcoholic, including only special or spiced teas, soft drinks, coffee substitutes, and fruit- and vegetable-flavored gelatin drinks; breakfast cereals, including ready-to-eat and instant and regular hot cereals; confections and frostings, including candy and flavored frostings, marshmallows, baking chocolate, and brown, lump, rock, maple, powdered, and raw sugars; fresh fruits and fruit juices, including only raw fruits, citrus, melons, and berries, and home-prepared "ades" and punches made therefrom; frozen dairy desserts and mixes, including ice cream, ice milks, sherbets, and other frozen dairy desserts and specialties; grain products and pastas, including macaroni and noodle products, rice dishes, and frozen multicourse meals, without meat or vegetables; hard candy and cough drops, including all hard type candies; jams and jellies, commercial, including only commercially processed jams, jellies, fruit butters, preserves, and sweet spreads; milk products, including flavored milks and milk drinks, dry milks, toppings, snack dips, spreads, weight control milk beverages, and other milk origin products; plant protein products, including the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council "reconstituted vegetable protein" category, and meat, poultry, and fish substitutes, analogs, and extender products made from plant proteins; processed fruits and fruit juices, including all commercially processed fruits, citrus, berries, and mixtures; salads, juices and juice punches, concentrates, dilutions, "ades", and drink substitutes made therefrom; processed vegetables and vegetable juices, including all commercially processed vegetables, vegetable dishes, frozen multicourse vegetable meals, and vegetable juices and blends; snack foods, including chips, pretzels, and other novelty snacks; soft candy, including candy bars, chocolates, fudge, mints, and other chewy or nougat candies; soups and soup mixes, including commercially prepared meat, fish, poultry, vegetable, and combination soups and soup mixes.
Basis: Scientific procedures
Notifier: Parabel Ltd.
Notifier Address: 7898 Headwaters Commerce St.
Fellsmere, FL 32948, USA
GRAS Notice (releasable information): GRN 742 part 1 (in PDF) (9.0 MB)
  Part 2: GRN 742 part 2 (in PDF) (8.7 MB)
  Part 3: GRN 742 part 3 (in PDF) (11.5 MB)
Date of closure: Aug 22, 2018
FDA's Letter: FDA has no questions (in PDF) (64 kB)