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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

FDA Poisonous Plant Database

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The Poisonous Plant database provides access to references in the scientific literature (primarily print literature through about 2007) describing studies and reports of the toxic properties and effects of plants and plant parts.

The information in this database is intended only for scientific exchange. It has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for publication nor does it have any official status. The information is continually increasing and being modified; it is neither error-free not comprehensive. Information herein is in the public domain. Any copyrighted or privately owned material inadvertently included will be removed as soon as possible.

For information or concerns about the toxicity of plants, contact the local Poison Control Center in your area. A directory of these is available from The American Association of Poison Control Centers (http://www.aapcc.org/)

For poisoning emergency call 1-800-222-1222. If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911.

Search the FDA Poisonous Plant Database (Data updated May 2008)

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  • Use of common terms such as "poison" or "plant" will generate a large number of returns.
  • Searching on plant names will probably generate the most useful search results.
  • The details link provides a listing of all other plants cited in that particular reference, as well as the full text for abstracts.
  • Contact Fred Fry at frederick.fry@fda.hhs.gov to report problems or errors.

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about 15 records meeting your search criteria returned for "passiflora "
AUTHOR(S): Cronin, J. R.
TITLE:  Passionflower reigniting male libido and other potential uses.
YEAR: 2003 CITATION: Altern Complement Therap, 9(2), 89-92 [English]
FDA #: NA     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Dodd, S.
TITLE:  Report on experiments with the wild passion-flower vine in connection with the death of cattle in the Beaudesert district (Queensland).
YEAR: 1910 CITATION: J Comp Pathol Ther, 23 205-212 [English]
FDA #: F16718     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Fisher, A. A.; Purcell, P.; LeCouteur, D. G.
TITLE:  Toxicity of passiflora incarnata L.
YEAR: 2000 CITATION: J Toxicol Clin Toxicol, 38(1), 63-66 [English]
FDA #: NA     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Gilbert, L. E.
TITLE:  Butterfly - plant coevolution: Has passiflora adenopoda won the selectional race with heliconiine butterflies?
YEAR: 1971 CITATION: Science, 172 585-586 [English]
FDA #: F19648
ABSTRACT: Hooklike trichomes of passiflora adenopoda provide a specific, effectively absolute defense against heliconiine butterfly larvae, a major class of passiflora herbivores. It is suggested that since mechanical defenses are usually more selective in th ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Lohdefink, J.; Kating, H.
TITLE:  Zur frage des vorkommens von harmanalkaloiden in passiflora-arten.
YEAR: 1974 CITATION: Planta Med, 25 101-104 [German]
FDA #: F15367
ABSTRACT: Harmane was indentified in passiflora coerulea, P. decaisneana, P. edulis, P. foetida, P. incarnata, P. subpeltata and P. warmingii. None of these species contains harmine, marmaline, harmole, or harmalole. ...     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Lutomski, J.; Malek, B.
TITLE:  Pharmacological investigations on raw materials of the genus passiflora. 4. The comparison of contents of alkaloids in some harman raw materials.
YEAR: 1975 CITATION: Planta Med, 27(4), 381-384 [English]
FDA #: F13628     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Lutomski, J.; Malek, B.; Stachowiak, Z.
TITLE:  [Pharmacochemical investigation of the raw materials from passiflora genus. 1. New method of chromatographic separation and fluorometric-planimetric determination of alkaloids and flavenoids in harman raw materials.]
YEAR: 1974 CITATION: Planta Med, 26(4), 311-317 [German]
FDA #: F13629     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Orsini, F.; Pelizzoni, F.; Verotta, L.
TITLE:  Quadranguloside, a cycloartane triterpene glycoside from passiflora quadrangularis.
YEAR: 1986 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 25(1), 191-193 [English]
FDA #: F17126     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Saenz, J. A.; Nassar M.
TITLE:  Toxic effect of the fruit of passiflora adenopoda DC. on humans: Phytochemical determination.
YEAR: 1972 CITATION: Rev Biol Trop, 20(1), 137-140 [English]
FDA #: NA     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Seigler, D. S.; Spencer, K. C.; Statler, W. S.; Conn, E. E.; Dunn, J. E.
TITLE:  Tetraphyllin B and epitetraphyllin B sulphates: novel cyanogenic glucosides from passiflora caerulea and P. alato-caerulea.
YEAR: 1982 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 21(9), 2277-2285 [English]
FDA #: F21405     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Solbakken, A. M.; Rorbakken, G.; Gunderson, T.
TITLE:  Naturmedisin som rusmiddel.
YEAR: 1997 CITATION: Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen, 117(8), 1140-1141 [Norwegian]
FDA #: F24268     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Spencer, K. C.; Seigler, D. S.
TITLE:  Passibiflorin, epipassibiflorin and passitrifasciatin: cyclopentenoid cyanogenic glycosides from passiflora.
YEAR: 1985 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 24 981-986 [English]
FDA #: F17775     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Spencer, K.; Seigler, D. S.
TITLE:  Passicoccin: a sulfated cyanogenic glycoside from passiflora coccinea.
YEAR: 1985 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 24 2615-2617 [English]
FDA #: F17774     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Spencer, K. C.; Seigler, D. S.
TITLE:  Passisuberosin and epipassisuberosin: two cyclopentenoid cyanogenic glycosides from passiflora suberosa.
YEAR: 1987 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 26 1665-1667 [English]
FDA #: F17777     See Details
AUTHOR(S): Spencer, K. C.; Seigler, D. S.
TITLE:  Passicoriacin and epipassicoriacin: C-4 epimers of tetraphyllin B and epitetraphyllin B from passiflora coreacea.
YEAR: 1987 CITATION: Phytochemistry, 26 1661-1663 [English]
FDA #: F17776     See Details

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