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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Human Food Made with Cultured Animal Cells Inventory

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Cultured chicken cell material

Gallus gallus

GOOD Meat, Inc.

Our use of a term to refer to the subject of a consultation should not be understood as our recommendation of that term as an appropriate common or usual name for declaring the substance.

Publicly disclosable information only.

CCC (Cell Culture Consultation) No.: 001
Food: Cultured Gallus gallus (chicken) cells, with characteristics of fibroblasts (connective tissue), in the form of cell biomass
Species of origin : Gallus gallus
Sponsor: GOOD Meat, Inc.
Sponsor safety narrative: Final submission with 4 amendments (disclosable information) (PDF, 5.0 MB)
FDA response: Mar 20, 2023
FDA response letter (PDF, 129 kB)
Jun 9, 2023
Additional FDA correspondence (PDF, 170 kB)
FDA scientific memo: Mar 20, 2023
Scientific memo (PDF, 580 kB)



  • CCC No.: Cell Culture Consultation (CCC) file number that the FDA has assigned to the pre-market consultation
  • Food: Description of the food resulting from the process defined in the final submission
  • Sponsor safety narrative: Sponsor’s final submission in the consultation explaining their basis for concluding that the cultured cell material is safe for use as human food
  • FDA response: Letter that the FDA sent in response to the firm at the completion of the pre-market consultation
  • FDA scientific memo: Scientific memo that documents the FDA’s evaluation of the sponsor’s final submission